"Basha* is a truly gifted healer, seer, and empath. She consistently offers me gentle-yet-honest insight and direction. She brings so much love and intention to her practice. I always feel held and seen by her." - Virgie Tovar
"Basha Star is an amazingly powerful healer. I had intense pain in my lower back and I refused to go to the hospital. Basha's remote reiki took my pain from 10 to -3! It was amazing and I didn't even know she was working on me until after the fact. I recommend her for all things!" - Natalio CasaNueva
"Basha Star is a beautiful being with a tender soul who is powerfully gifted. I've been working with her essence HELD
to help me through past trauma for myself my ancestors. This essence is magic in a bottle curated by Divinely guided and gifted hands... Basha Star is the answer to the question, 'Who heals the healer?'" - Yasmin Schultz
"To step into a reading with Basha* is to enter another realm; a realm of ancestors, magic and wisdom. As Basha* read the bones for me I felt the truth of the reading entering my body, permeating through all the spaces of me and programming me with new and potent information. Her words and intuition have guided me to a deeper truth within myself and continue to resonate and blossom with new meanings all the time. Please give yourself the gift of this powerful wisdom! Your soul will thank you." - Alisa Highfill
"I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Basha Star's healing process and magic. Basha Star truly knows how to channel incredible healing abilities and connected with my mind and soul on a much deeper level than I knew I was capable of. Basha* is truly gifted and someone I will treasure for making a huge impression on me and my life." - Hamish Truda
"I've been using Basha's Sparkle flower essence every day. One of the listed benefits of the Sparkle flower essence is to create space to receive adoration in your life. I can honestly say that I've never been more adored by so many deeply beautiful people as I have since I started with working with this flower essence. Basha's magic is real and I continue to experience the benefits of her magic in my daily life. Thank you Basha*. - Sophia Amelia
"I have had the sweet privilege and true blessing to be touched by BashaStar's healing magic over several years and throughout different chapters in my life - specifically through Basha's deep wisdom surrounding plant medicine, hands-on body and energy work, and supportive counseling sessions. For example, she has prepared tinctures for me designed to support grounding and focus; the plant synergy she orchestrated in those medicines had the effect of supporting my steadiness, and therefore my confidence and sense of self-protection rooted in my own grounding. She is also a skillful bodyworker, and has used physical and energetic body work that meets me where I am and is peaceful, meditative, and soothing to my frayed places each time. She has also been there to support me in ritual. She helped me with a transition ritual I held when I lost someone and she was there to help hold and steady the honoring process collectively. Her wise counsel sessions have helped me move through extremely challenging relationship dynamics wrapped up in that tricky mix of intergenerational trauma and healing; she has consistently held skillful witness and made gentle offerings to help me attune to my inner knowing to make my own best decisions for transformation."
"I could go on and on about the vastness and energy of loveliness BashaStar moves with and the ways she has used her healing power to support my life. What a true gem she is! Her connection to ancestors and clear wisdom cuts like a light through the hubris and helps open up more perspective for my own self-determined action to take root. That is probably one of the most invaluable things I've been blessed with through BashaStar's practice - this making of space in a safe and supported way. The fact that her practice is grounded in anti-oppressive and decolonial values makes the process of healing and growing all the more grounded and safe. Our communities, especially our queer, trans, and POC communities, are truly blessed to have such a tender healer in BashaStar. She is so vast and has been so nimble and versatile in tailoring healing modalities to support me. She has helped me hold my grief, pain, pleasure, and transformation. Sometimes we need vastness to hold everything. She has been a true vehicle for my process and I am eternally grateful for her for sharing her gifts with me. Endless gratitude and love to you, BashaStar!" - Mel
"Basha is a gifted healer and a fierce, sweet, devoted soul. She carries with her the gravity of earth medicine and flows through it like water through rock, weaving openings in heart and spirit space that create new pathways for personal transformation. I received a bone throwing reading and it was spot on, affirming, and held me tender - just what I needed when I needed it. I recommend connecting with Basha* for the spiritual support you're looking for!" - Erica Bestpitch