I fight, I move towards liberation, by holding space for the wounded so we can all continue.

My name is basha* star and I am a Bay Area raised and rooted Queer Femme Woman of Color. I am born from a long line of healers both Matrilineally and Patrilineally. I have worked in QTPOC community since I was a youth. Not all spaces are knowledgeable or welcoming when working with QTPOC folks and my work and much of my training is specific to working with my community.

I throw bones, make potions, lay hands and listen and hold space with extreme care and skill. I have many years of experience in working in community and also have generations of wisdom that moves with me in my magic. I want my community to have healing and care, to be seen, to be heard and to be honored.

I offer non-judgemental space to move through a healing process, to connect with the self and those who came before to access the internal knowledge of how to get through this. Having space to heal and recuperate and rejuvenate is essential in fighting towards liberation. This is how I fight, this is how I move towards liberation, by holding space for the wounded so we can all continue.

The Name for My Practice - Honoring My Ancestors

Bitoon Nga Makaayo was a name given to me by my grandmother in her original language, Visayan. It translates to "Healing from the Stars." I'd been workshopping a name and wanting to incorporate my maternal lineageĀ as I was raised very matrilineally. I wanted to tap strongly into the matriarchy of my ancestors every time I speak of my work. I have a vast wealth of knowledge physically through my mother's side as I grew up practicing my work with my mother and grandmother. They were training me in their own ways to be a healer, as they came from healing in their lineages.